i am considering establishing a 'GoFundMe' fund raising account on the internet. it would be great if i could raise $500 or $1000 per month. the last time i checked, in 2018, i am allowed to earn about $1,200 per month working part time, while still being able to retain my social security disability insurance of about $1,000 per month. my life is really too confusing and weird to be able to work consistently, happily or efficiently at a regular job with other employees.  unusual situation.  unnecessary prejudice or potential unnecessary prejudice.  i would not be doing a good job for a future employer if i even applied to work somewhere, because i already know that there is a problem, and not that maybe there will be a problem. a manager would think that they don't want a problem or a potential problem, not for their employees either.  i don't think that i would be able to do volunteer work, either, or at least not right now.  a few people who i am in constant 24/7 activity are blatantly, childishly stalking and harassing me, not establishing trust, so that without a doubt there wouldn't be a problem at a regular job, or at a volunteer work job.  unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if the police and/or government can do anything about it.   there is already a problem in my own home, or at any other home i am at.  extremely irritating.  it is meant to be thought of as childish and irritating, like the way children who are wanting to childishly control an adult act up.  what these few people are doing to me and other people situated worldwide is childish, perverted and incredibly disturbing.  it is like they are flirting with me, wanting my attention, and wanting to harm me publicly, wanting to interfere with my relationships with other people, at the same time.  it is an extremely childish, extremely weird, and extremely cruel public mockery of a person who they know has always been honest with them, verbally, and also with other people with the use of the internet.  these few people who got themselves into social trouble are implying that honest people don't exist, simply because they are not honest.  they try to spread hate, mean spirited behavior, and lies, but i don't think that it will work. they lie about me and money because they think that they made themselves unpopular over the years.  they are also holding people hostage, trying to force them to lie about me and money, or to also be mean spirited, but i don't think that it will work. their aggression is a form of childish terrorism, since they know that it is a constant 24/7 public situation.  i am a public person without some kind of official security, so i am fair game to unwanted weird aggression, blatant, childish stalking and harassment from a very few weird people who have mental problems, or who are socially lame.  they want it to seem as if i am the one who is socially lame, when i am not.  i don't think that me trying to work Etsy.com sales is a good idea. it would make me very sick and confused because of the way which i am being blatantly, childishly stalked and harassed every day, and because of the need to pay attention to details, and traveling from one location to another. i don't feel comfortable making a commitment to Etsy.com.  i am already being made very very sick, crazy, confused and uncomfortable every day, all day long, so that i really can't make progress in the manner in which people ordinarily make progress in life. the few people who do it are lying about me and money. they also lie about my character, stating that i had or have some interest in advocating white supremacy, when they knew that i didn't, and know that i don't.  it is not that i don't believe in them.  they don't believe in themselves.  i didn't and don't have a mean, or an evil intent.  they do.  they don't even care if people know that they are lying about me. they just want an excuse to be lazy and obstruct my life so that i am not as popular, with me not being knowingly peaceful, happy, and productive, publicly. it is so incredibly childish, selfish, weird and disrespectful of these few people to do this to not only me, but other innocent people as well. it is already very difficult or impossible for me to get much done each day. i would agree to being officially put to sleep at a hospital, if that were possible, but i wouldn't agree to it unless i was being officially and publicly respected.  that would be necessary in order to create long term peace, and not some kind of weird confused gossip for the world.  this isn't glamorous, and i don't think that it will ever be glamorous. maybe it will get better, but i would need some real evidence of that in order to state it with certainty.  as challenging as this is for me and the 144,000, we do have great pride and interesting spiritual moments.  people can download my art to their computer from this website if they want to. i am almost finished with some more of it. go to 'miscellaneous files' section of this website to see social security disability insurance paperwork.  it is possible to donate anonymously to a 'GoFundMe' fund raising internet account. also, money raised on a 'GoFundMe' fund raising internet account doesn't interfere or work against my social security disability insurance. i checked. take as much art as you want from this website, if you would like to have it. i wish that i could sign the work.  maybe i could do a little, one or two days per week, volunteer work, somewhere in houston, texas, but given what has happened thus far, it probably wouldn't be possible or a good idea. if that changes, i will let you know.  i really hope that i can, because consistent activity is good for us.  too much work makes me and everyone else who i am in constant 24/7 activity confused and sick because of how i am being blatantly, childishly stalked and harassed, both when i am at work, but more importantly when i am not at work, trying to rest and recuperate.  the people who i am in constant 24/7 activity with and i have more to think about than people ordinarily do, and it is mentally exhausting, but especially when we are being blatantly, childishly stalked and harassed.  it is incredibly childish and disrespectful. like young, unruly, honest goal lacking adolescents talking back to their parents in a stupid, disrespectful, obnoxious manner.  i think that people are surprised by the fact that i have worked out in the country (la grange, texas) for as long as i have, 2 years, with a very few people blatantly, childishly obstructing my thoughts and actions as i do it. i am usually talking out loud in frustration and confusion while i work, but it doesn't matter so much because i am by myself, outside in the country. it isn't glamorous, but it still makes me feel good to get up early for a few days in a row every other week and accomplish something. the people who are causing problems want people to know that they are causing problems, because they are trying to fabricate total nonsense evidence against. me.  it is so unfair.  i don't think that the few people who are blatantly, childishly stalking and harassing me, and others, will ever stop because of how fake, evil,  childish and socially lame they are. i hope for the their sake, and the sake of the community in general, that they decide to make a change for the better.  they created an image problem for themselves, or a social problem for themselves, publicly, really since 2008, and so they are trying to give me the image problem, or social problem, publicly.  a few childish psychopaths, or people with anti social personality disorders. they don't think that they can survive or have comfortable lives if i am popular or liked, with them having created an image and/or social problem for themselves. i wish that they would move on with their lives, and try to be happy, leaving me and others alone, and that there was a better sense of peace and respect in the community. i want them to be happy, but they don't seem to care about their own happiness or success.  i'm sorry about all of this confusion.  i am not faking being sick. it can be verified.  i can't work at a regular job, in order to be a little more financially comfortable every month, and peaceful, not stressed or not worried about money.  i am required to support myself, and also people who are situated all over the world. it is for a good cause.  

i wish that it didn't seem like i am always complaining. it is an unusual, weird situation, and i have a legitimate complaint. i would really like to work early in the morning, part time, at a grocery store, or early in the morning, part time, at a starbuck's, and if it really seems like there wouldn't be a problem, i will apply for a job. it would be fun to be around some people for a few hours every week, working together as a team. therapeutic. i seriously doubt that i would ever think that there wouldn't be a problem because of what has happened for the last 16 years, or since 2008. the people who are acting up unnecessarily aggressive have mental problems or personality disorders. they have done so much damage for so long that it is already a serious problem not trusting them, with them making us uncomfortable.

now that i think about it again, i think that it would be too confusing for me and the people who i worked with for me to work at a regular job. awkward. my heart or will thinks one thing, but my brain thinks another. i think that people want privacy, and they may feel uncomfortable or confused by the thought of me working around them. everyone would also have to worry about customers coming in to the place of work and doing something weird or provocative. there is a chance that it could happen. i am willing to work, but i think that it really is too confusing, stressful, or awkward at a job with many employees. maybe some volunteer work where i am mostly by myself?

i think that i will set the GoFundMe money raising goal as $30,000. that is for 3 years, or $10,000 per year. i want to put the money somewhere safe, so that i can not spend it faster than i should, only $10,000 per year. i don't know if i can transfer only part of what would be in a GoFundMe money raising internet account to another account as needed, so that the public can keep track of what i am doing with money. a money raising goal of $30,000 can be exceeded, if donors wish to do that. i only want to spend $10,000 a year. i can post my spending, if i am not allowed to transfer only part of what would be in a displayed GoFundMe account.

i am confused about how to set a GoFundMe account financial goal. i thought that i could create a short term goal of $30,000, which could be repeated every 3 years, so that people can monitor my spending, but that seems like i am creating too much work for would be donors. i am now 51 years old, and if i live to be 75 or 80 years old, or about 25 to 30 years from now, raising $10,000 per year would be $250,000 or $300,000. i am just thinking out loud. i was thinking about what i thought that other people were thinking. i was thinking that people who already think that they would want to donate to the fund were thinking that $30,000 is not a large enough goal. i don't know what i will raise, but i appreciate any help that i can get. in a way $250,000 or $300,000 seems like it is too high of a goal, so i can continue with a goal of $30,000, which can be exceeded. i will post an annual financial statement regardless of how much money i can raise. i will keep it to $10,000 per year.

$250,000 seems like a lot to be asking for, but it is not much money when considering how many people could potentially donate, if they donate $1 or $5 or $10. i could use the help please. thanx for your consideration.

another reason why it would be very difficult or impossible for me to work at a grocery store or starbucks or some place where there is many people is that i become confused when i read something by chance, which seems like i am thinking something or communicating something which i am not, sometimes just one syllable of what i looked at. or if i hear something which someone else says, which makes me think of something else, with me not thinking that it is important, but then if it seems like i am thinking that it is important because i am repeatedly thinking that it is not important. i would have to talk out loud in order to explain to people who i am in constant 24/7 activity with what is going on in my mind, and it would look strange, and it would be exhausting, and not be appropriate for me to work in a public place. my heart and will say one thing, but my brain says another. it is too awkward and confusing, for everyone. i would like to do volunteer work somewhere 1 or 2 times per week if it is possible, or not too much of a problem. i used to go to bible study a few years ago, as doing something away from my home, consistently, once a week. it is healthy for the group i am in. the emphasis was not on the the importance of the bible, but healthy consistent socialization or activity.

i guess that i will set the GoFundMe account financial goal at $250,000, instead of $30,000.

i want to get all of my artwork out of the photoshop lab, and upload to this website, before i set up a GoFundMe internet account. right now (12/11/23) i am thinking it will be about 1 or 2 more months. i am not sure, because of the photoshop lab's work capability, plus not knowing exactly how much work i have left to do. i have been going into the photoshop lab, making changes every week or two. the worker needs time for each change, in addition to other projects which she is working on. thanks, if you are thinking of donating. i am going to the social security office tomorrow morning to get in writing the exact amount of money which i am allowed to earn per month, while still being able to retain my social security disability benefit. i think that it is about $1,200 per month. i will get it in writing and upload to this website, to the 'miscellaneous files' section. i think that $5,000 to $10,000 per year is a reasonable GoFundMe goal, but i don't understand if GoFundMe can be set up for long term, or repetitious financial goals. i also understand if people only feel comfortable donating only one time. $5,000 per year is about $400 per month. $10,000 is about $800 per month. i can also upload a new (2024) social security administration disability benefit statement letter, at the beginning of next year.


i never got to the social security office to get in writing the exact amount of money which i can earn, while still retaining my social security disability benefit. i will do it soon.


another reason that i wouldn't feel comfortable working in a place with many employees is because i would think that employees would know who i was, or be thinking that there is something interesting about the situation, and not say anything to me about what they were thinking, or about what they knew about, confusing me and making me feel awkward or uncomfortable while i have to think of people who i am in constant 24/7 activity with thinking about what i am thinking of, or confused about, trying to work and focus. i would want people to indicate that they knew who i was, if they did, wanting me to think that they wanted me to make me feel comfortable in public, while i was trying to focus and work. i think that some people would probably think that it is interesting to casually toy with me, thinking that they knew that they were getting attention, knowing that i have to do something extraordinarily difficult, publicly, to see if i become confused, or say something about it to relieve stress, in order to see if people who i am in constant 24/7 activity with would communicate about it on the internet. that would be twisted, prejudicial and a little frightening, since it would inevitably make me feel awkward and nervous in public. people could pretend as if they don't know who i am, or pretend as if they don't know that there has been a problem, or that they should have some responsibility.


i posted my 2024 social security benefit award letter in the 'miscellaneous files' section of this website.

i posted the 2024 social security fact sheet, with highlighted information, in reference to the amount of money, gross, which i could earn per year while still being able to receive my social security disability insurance. $1,550 per month. i don't need or want more than $1,000 per month.

i think that maybe i will end up raising more money than i really need with GoFundMe. i appreciate any help which i can get. i will always keep people posted about what i have, and what i am doing with money. i will give what i don't need to charity, and keep you informed, posting bank statements. i would never be into extravagant crap spending. 'guide dogs for the blind' is one charity which i give a little money to every year. i could give more if i have more. i also thought about donating to some place for children who have been abused or abandoned. i also thought about being able to build something at a church or somewhere else. maybe downtown houston? artwork? maybe i could pay and help someone.


i fixed 'artwork* (2) / downloadable'.


'artwork* (2) / downloadable' may not print right at 4 x 6 inches, or 5 x 7 inches. doesn't look like it does. not enough space around subject. 8 x 10 inches seems to work. 5 x 5 inches seems to work. other sizes may work.


you can print the art on metallic paper, or other types of special print paper, at a specialty print shop. 'artwork* (7) / downloadable', worked out good printed at 8 inches x 4 inches and also at 10 inches x 5 inches. you can simply print it on card stock material (fed ex office, etc.). cheers. i think that it would probably look good printed on metallic print paper, but more expensive.


i think that people can now download images from the artwork* sections of this website. i assumed that it was working properly, but discovered today (3/16/24) that there was an issue. i activated a switch in the gallery settings which makes the downloads possible. cheers.

i deleted some images which were in the artwork* (7) section of this website. i need to make a slight correction to it. i am almost finished with other versions.


i am planning to set up a GoFundMe internet fund raising account when my girlfriend is on spring break from school. i think 2 weeks. today is 2/29/24. i need her to help me with it because of security issues. i am not sure if i will finish finalizing art which is at photoshop lab.


i got a matte and frame for 'artwork* (1) / downloadable'. the center opening of the matte must overlap the edge of the print a little bit, not allowing for as much space between the edge of the print and subject. i thought that maybe it would work better if people fixed the print to a matte without an opening, so that the space between the edge of the print and the subject doesn't get overlapped by the opening of a matte. you could float the entire print in glass, so that you don't lose any of the print by a matte.

the big white gap in the black area of 'artwork* (7) / downloadable' is 1/32 of an inch wider on one side than the other side. the side opposite the dot side is wider than the other side. i am fixing it, so that they are both the smaller size gap.

i am not sure when i will get the GoFundMe set up. my girlfriend started to do the work last saturday (today is 3/18/24), but we ran into some issues. this is how i discovered that you couldn't download images from my website. my girlfriend thought that $250,000 was way to high of a goal, and in a way i can agree, but it is a unique situation, and i am also collecting any donations for art. i can wait until my other art is finished. i think that the new version, with new detail, looks good. i will get the new version, and the old version with correction, online, as soon as possible.


i corrected the art in the 'artwork* (8) / downloadable' section of this website. i have a few more versions which are almost finished. a little more detail and color. i have one with a red dot which i think looks good. you can choose.


i thought more about a GoFundMe fund raising internet account. my dad and mom would want me to use my own money, if i had it, for things such as purchasing a future used car and air conditioning unit at my house. i gave a preliminary GoFundMe fundraising goal of $800 or $1000 per month, or total of $10,000 or$12,000 per year, but this wouldn't work every year if i use my own money to purchase some necessary things.  my dad and mom would want me to use money which i raised, if i was able to raise any. this is not a bait and switch scheme.  right now my upstairs air conditioner is not working.  the air conditioning company told me that it is better to replace it, rather than to replace parts, because of the age of the unit.  my dad just helped me with a brand new downstairs air conditioning unit about 1 and 1/2 years ago.  he helps me, but we are not super rich. right now he doesn't have the money to purchase a new unit for my upstairs.  this is not a lie.  my dad and mom would probably be offended if i had money which i was able to raise, and then act like i didn't need to spend it on necessities, passing the cost on to them.  i would naturally tell my parents if i was able to raise any money with a GoFundMe internet fund raising account.  what i am stating is that there might be a few times, not many, when i have to spend more than the budget which i proposed would allow me to.  these air conditioning units are about $13,000.  i found out that they are phasing out the current type units, and that the new ones later are about $20,000.  since i am 51 years old, i am guessing that i will need to replace both units at my home again, after i replace the current upstairs unit.  they last about 15 years.  i don't want really expensive cars.  i think that $20,000 or $25,000 is ok for a used volkswagen.  my current volkswagen is a 2016 jetta.  i got it in 2018, used.  it now has $130,000 miles on it. it had about 30,000 miles on it when i got it.  i guess that i will be able to drive a newly purchased used car for about 10 years, also thinking of not real expensive maintenance fees.


printing images can sometimes be a problem, because the subject can get pushed out of the frame.  i am going to have the pictures of the cows reworked with a white border around image so that this won't happen. you won't lose the subject out of the frame, or you will have enough space between the subject and the edge of the image. you won't need a matte.

i didn't know if people had figured it out, but if you click on any image in any of the downloadable artwork sections of this website, there is a download click option at the bottom of the image.